Is This You?

♂️ Do any of these feelings sound like reasons why you use methamphetamine?  Think about the past year and ask yourself these questions:

♂️ Have you ­ thought that your methamphetamine use got out of control?

♂️ Does methamphetamine and sex go together for you?  When you are high, do you spend a lot of time looking for or having sex with casual or unknown sex partners?

♂️ Have you tried to stop using methamphetamine but ended up using again because you felt tired, lonely, unmotivated, and/or depressed without it?

♂️ Do you feel guilty or depressed when you are coming down from methamphetamine?

♂️ When you use, do you need greater amounts of methamphetamine to get high than when you first started?

♂️ When you use, do you end up using more methamphetamine than you intended?

♂️ Do you spend a lot of time looking for, using, or recovering from the effects of methamphetamine?

♂️ Has any of the time you spent looking for, using, or recovering from methamphetamine interfered with your work, daily responsibilities, or time spent with friends and family?

♂️ Have you used methamphetamine and had unsafe sex even though you told yourself this time would be different and you would be more careful?

♂️ Have friends, family, co-workers, or sex partners told you they think you have a problem with methamphetamine?

Taking the step to call can be one of the most difficult.  If you think you want to participate in our program, which may help you to reduce or eliminate your methamphetamine use, please call us at Friends Getting Off at 323-463-7001.  We provide free drug counseling in a friendly and supportive setting.  Certain eligibility requirements must be met to join the program.  Call us to learn more.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our program, or would like information about other treatment programs in the community, please call us at Friends Getting Off at 323-463-7001.”